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Cristina Voicu

Interior Designer


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Casa in Brasov

Interior design open space

Casa in Bistrita

Interior Design Timisoara

Neoclasic in Timisoara

Interior design penthouse sofa

Penthouse in Bucuresti

Apartament modern in Cluj-Napoca

Interior Design Living Suceava

Casa in Suceava

Design Interior Dormitor

Confort and modern

The CVDesign team brings a revolutionary approach to the world of interior design.

By combining elegance, comfort and a unique style, we create luxury oases in every space, taking interior design to a new level of sophistication.

We emphasize with innovation, creating unique spaces that combine functionality with sophisticated aesthetics.


The modern urban design style is perfectly suited for sophisticated city dwellers who like to live in a cosmopolitan environment. This style is inspired by contemporary, modern and simple influences, thus creating a sophisticated and elevated design that attracts attention. Constantly in trend, it stands out for its emphasis on comfort and its ability to bring the charm of life in the city. This type of design is also suitable for spaces such as lofts or modern apartments with a view of the rooftops of the city. Imagine bright and spacious rooms that capitalize on the architecture with simple furniture and natural light.

Modern interior design
75sqm apartment

The modern interior design is full of contemporary life and vibrant. This style often emphasizes comfort and approaches design with a friendlier touch. With warmer hues and furniture with a distinctive design, this design style combines cosmopolitan influences to create a welcoming and comforting interior. Explore unique and unconventional design styles to create a space influenced by urban living, while maintaining a warm and friendly look with minimalist design features and soft textiles. This design is completely modern in spirit, and the neutral tones are an essential way to complete and tie everything together. ​

Modern bathroom
in accents

From a comforting minimalist bathroom to common spaces with absolute simplicity, it is recommended to stick to a trio of shades in the room, shades that are very close to each other, in order to obtain a uniform consistency and a well-defined aesthetic. When it comes to a minimalist bathroom with black and gray accents, it is important to maintain the same approach to the concise color palette. By choosing shades of dark gray and black as accent elements, you will add a dash of contrast and sophistication to the space. These accents can be integrated in the form of accessories, floor tiles or design details, while keeping the predominant color palette based on a neutral spectrum.

Interior design

Innovation and creativity
in interior design

A successful interior design combines functionality with aesthetics, but the real magic occurs when innovation and creativity enter the equation. With our innovative approach, we create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also surprising through their unique elements.

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