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Scandinavian style

One of the most long-lasting design styles in history, the Scandinavian style finds a place in the top of preferences in furnishing in the coming year as well. Brought back into the spotlight under the name of the New Scandinavian, this reinterpretation of the classic Nordic style brings a plus and aligns it with the basic principles of interior design in 2020.

The new Scandinavian is a style that still places great value on comfort and a perfect personalization of the living space, but it also brings some elements inspired by eastern culture.

Nordic design uses elements from nature in the purest possible state. Glossy or shiny finishes are not used.

Nordic style is rather a feeling, a way of living, behaving and being together with others. It is much more complex than the names attributed to it as simplicity or minimalism.

The fact that Nordics use natural materials for design is not accidental. Nature is perceived as a source of balance and we need to surround ourselves with objects made of natural materials to be authentic.

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